Santa Barbara Build High-Performance Teams Course

Build High-Performance Teams

Course 4: Build High-Performance Teams Course

Leading successful teams are essential to leaders’ success in reaching organizational goals. Creating teams with the optimal combination of people and resources will yield outstanding results. High-performance teams have a strong team culture and reach peak productivity. Most women have the capabilities to create a sense of community and can create cohesive working groups. In this course, we examine ways for women leaders to enhance their skills to build trust, increase abilities to define clear expectations, and how to lay the foundation for high-performing teams.

Course Features:

  • A series of interactive virtual workshops
  • Pre-course webinar featuring the basic principles to prepare participants for the course
  • Post-course follow-up to provide feedback and ensure adoption
  • Optional post-workshop individual coaching sessions to reinforce learning

Learning Objectives:

  • Diagnose the stages of team development and learn appropriate actions for each stage
  • Discover ways to build trust within a work team
  • Learn how to define clear performance expectations
  • Define team members’ responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Develop clear and measurable indicators of success
  • Establish strategies and cadence of communications
  • Learn how to delegate for impactful outcomes

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