Santa Barbara Authentic Woman Leadership Course

Authentic Woman Leadership

Course 1: Authentic Woman Leadership Course

When leaders come from an authentic place, they participate fully and honestly to create an engaging and productive workplace. Women leaders have inherent potential to lead with authenticity and to be creative, collaborative, and competent. Authentic women leaders foster employee engagement and trust, creating a work environment that supports innovation and organizational achievement. This course focuses on the authentic women's qualities to awaken their leadership potential and generate employee enthusiasm to propel the organization to achieve its mission and vision.

Course Features:

  • A series of interactive virtual workshops 
  • Pre-course webinar featuring the basic principles to prepare participants for the course
  • Post-course follow-up to provide feedback and ensure adoption
  • Optional post-course individual coaching sessions to reinforce learning

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend and apply Women Authentic Leadership concepts
  • Amplify individual leadership strengths and build leadership identity
  • Explore personal values and alignment to organizational goals
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Maximize women neurological tendencies
  • Become cultural influences to shift mindsets and adapt to change
  • Successfully work through gender bias.

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