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Never let them see you sweat. Sounds easy enough. But how are you going to pull it off when the future of your business and success of your team sit squarely on your shoulders? You can hardly get past day-to-day demands long enough to think about strategic priorities, much less find time for a life beyond work.

Great Leaders Need Great Support

Leadership requires a balance between the challenge of managing daily tactics and implementing long-term strategic priorities. Our work together allows you to bring your most pressing issues, people challenges, and strategic opportunities to the table. We take it one step at a time, over time.

Executive Coaching Dana Meyer Consulting

EXPERIENCED LEADERS and BUSINESS OWNERS – My clients are corporate leaders and private business owners, who value me as a trusted advisor and sounding board because I have been there. I understand the challenges they face without a lot of explaining. I do not toss out theoretical concepts for you to try. I share proven/practical tips, techniques, and tools that work in the real world for real leaders.

NEW LEADERS –  It takes a LOT to move into a new role. Whether you are a startup leader building a team OR a first-time leader in corporate, you and I work together to head off the problems you will face as a new leader BEFORE they pop up. You will  learn the tactics of WHAT it takes to get off to a great start and lead a team…PLUS strategic tips about HOW to step into your next level of leadership.

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP –  More women are moving into leadership roles. This is great news! It also comes with a host of unique challenges and choices, many women don’t talk about openly. My approach helps business women navigate these complexities, while also being true to who they are, and their style of leadership.

I love the coaching work Dana is doing with our leaders. It has made such a difference on our team!” HR Executive, CA

Integrated Approach to Executive Coaching

Doctor heal thyself. Easier said than done. The hard reality for you as a leader is that you must do for yourself what you readily do for others. That is why my integrated coaching-consulting approach centers on helping you make tough decisions and strategize behind the scenes so you can be your best in front of your team. Your clear decisive actions ensure your business vision becomes a reality while managing daily challenges. It all starts with you as a leader being fully supported with what you need to succeed over time.

Your Team Also Benefits

“Your are magical! I don’t know how you did it. The work you’ve done with my manager has completely changed how we communicate and work as a team. Our sales numbers are showing it too. I love my job again! I’m back in the game. Thank you.” Sales Representative, CO


Leader coaching programs are customized based upon your priorities and timing.

Programs include sessions via phone, Skype, or in person at my Hood River, OR office.  You have the flexibility to schedule your sessions as quickly as you need, or over a longer period of time.

  • Orientation – We discuss your immediate needs and longer-term objectives. It is a chance to prioritize your goals and determine how you can get the most out of the program.
  • Integrated Coaching and Business Consulting – Sessions will include leadership coaching and business/HR consulting expertise to help you address issues real time and achieve your longer-term vision.
  • Assessments – Individual, team and business assessments are available as needed to provide insight into key areas.

Want to develop your team?

Developmental Coaching Programs are also available for one or more members of your team. Each participant receives 12 private coaching sessions tied to their targeted development areas. These areas are determined based on a certified leadership assessment instrument or confidential interviews with key team members. The program is ideal for new leaders, experienced leaders moving into new roles, or leaders ready to accelerate their leadership impact.

Email me directly to learn more about bringing this program to your business.

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