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Leadership Coaching

SuccessReach’s women-centered leadership coaching programs are designed to develop more authentic leadership styles. We offer developmental coaching to help emerging and established women leaders to improve their skills and knowledge and empower them to reach higher levels of success. Our coaching programs focus on the individual’s inner work to move forward to achieving personal and organizational objectives. Using coaching techniques that are grounded in research and theory, we offer a practical application to improve everyday performance and build confidence.

Our coaching program empowers women’s direction and choice to make the conscious choices on how to lead others with integrity and authenticity that builds trust. The coaching purpose can be tailored to support the organizational and individual’s goals to develop expertise in leading successful teams and divisions. Coaching leaders help to support your succession process by cultivating leadership skills needed for future organizational needs. We design individual coaching programs based on assessment results, succession planning objectives, and professional development needs. Each coaching assignment include improvement targets, a timeline, budget, and a link back to the individual’s manager to ensure accountability and support.

Some examples of our coaching program objectives that can be incorporated into a specific plan include:

  • Expand bench strength in your organization’s succession plan
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills
  • Fast track the onboarding process for new leaders joining your company
  • Develop a First 100-day plan for employees transitioning into higher-level roles
  • Identifying and eliminate career blind spots that are holding back talented leaders
  • Strengthen self-confidence, self-awareness, and assertiveness
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence to improve work relationships and results

One-on-one Coaching Programs Packages

Focused Development

  • Designed to address one or two clearly defined objectives including:
  • Preliminary discussion to determine coaching objectives
  • Self-Assessments based on defined coaching objectives
  • 9-15 hours of coaching in one or two development areas
  • End-of -project synopsis including future recommendations

Package Price:

Ranges from $1,800 to $3,000 can be modified to blended learning models.

In-Depth Development

Designed to address three to four general objectives including:

  • Formal coaching needs assessment and self-assessments as needed
  • Written project outline
  • 14-25 hours of coaching in three to four development areas
  • Final report recommending ongoing development activities

Package Price:

Ranges from $2,900-$5,000

Comprehensive Development

Designed for a variety of services for six months to one-year support including:

  • Structured interviews with key employee
  • Multiple survey/assessments tools
  • Written project plan outline of project scope and post training assessment methodology
  • Coaching in several key development areas Activities my include observation and participation in department or team meetings or team development workshops
  • Project report including results of post project assessment and recommended ongoing development activities.

Package Price:

Ranges from $5,500 to $10,500